Agent 2.82.2

Added AnnotateUrl now supports changes to the URL fragment

Added Usability enhancements for Visual Design Studio Guide Preview

Fixed Host application stopping event propagation no longer prevents guides and analytics from functioning (allows support for GWT, etc)

Fixed Guides that use an Element Contains Rule and are badge-activated now correctly show or hide the badge and launch the guide based on the rule status

Fixed Console error not longer displays if a “Show on Hover” badge is present on the page

Fixed Clicking a badge no longer simultaneously shows and dismisses a guide when “click outside to dismiss” custom code is used

Fixed Fixed issue that prevented guides from being dismissed or advanced under certain conditions

Fixed Hosts for guide content files are verified against configured CNAME, if present (only logging violations for now)

Fixed All URL changes are now logged if the host application has a non-native implementation of pushState

Fixed Stopping event propagation on an event with no target no longer generates a console error

Fixed Events are no longer dropped when an iframe is unloaded