Agent/SDK Updates

Agent Version 2.15.12

These changes are only available for Agent 2.x

Changed Agent version 2.15.12 has been deprecated by release 2.15.13

Added This release includes rendering for the “home view” and “guide list module” of the guide center for the new guide designer (beta). This includes dynamic lists of guides, as well as animated transitions between views.

Fixed Prevent guide designer (beta) from auto-launching when the user is navigating their app


Agent Version 2.15.11

These changes are only available for Agent 2.x

Added New launch mechanism! When using a query parameter doesn’t work, there is now a fallback option

Fixed Fixed CNAME host mapping, allowing CNAME customers to launch the designer

Fixed Swapped guideId for stepId for code block css

Agent version 2.15.10

These changes are only available for Agent 2.x

Added Better support for Agent extensions and nested frames in visual design studio

Fixed Trigger guide events earlier to facilitate customizations


Due to the addition of account metadata support in this SDK, our installation instructions have slightly changed. Please use these instructions for SDK 52.

Added Setting account metadata from your mobile app: it is now possible to send, alongside the key-value pairs of user data, also key-value pairs of account data. Please refer to the installation instructions for more details.

Changed Added support for guide presentation in iPhone X and any iOS device with a “notch”: guides will not use the “Safe areas” of the device.

Fixed When the app sets a visitor ID with the SDK and then switches to a different visitor ID after login, the new user metadata is now successfully set for the latter visitor.



Android SDK

Added One-activity/fragment-based app support: the SDK now has a special mode for supporting applications which implement pages via one activity and multiple fragments. This fix will enable the app owner to better tag such apps and will prevent performance issues resulting from this setup. This is a flag that can be turned on per app.

Fixed Performance tuning

Fixed Bug fixes