Agent/SDK Updates

Agent version 2.16.9

Added Agent verifies content hashes of guides coming from google cloud if guide validation is enabled

Fixed Resource center guide list module and onboarding list module now both respect element target rules for each guide in the list

Fixed Fixed an issue preventing tooltips from auto-scrolling inside salesforce lightning environments

Agent version 2.16.7

Added Ensure Agent waits for default guide CSS before starting to render guides

Fixed Tooltip guides created in the Visual Design Studio should now always scroll the tooltip into view

Fixed Ensure guides created in the Visual Design Studio position correctly in customer applications with display:flex on top-level elements

Fixed Prevent guides created in the Visual Design Studio from sometimes advancing twice in specific customer applications


Agent version 2.16.5

Fixed Several small Internet Explorer compatibility issues for guides created in the Visual Design Studio

Fixed Badges rendering slightly off of center

Fixed Agent will not attempt to render guide center badge if image url is not found

Fixed Improve CSS selector performance in Salesforce Lightning

Changed Prevent agent from being initialized multiple times


Changed Internal implementation of listening to screen view and tap events was changed due to a PSPDFKit library conflict. There should be no effect on the SDK’s functionality. We recommend upgrading to this SDK if you use the PSPDFKit library in your app.

Fixed A bug was fixed relating to throttling per session which was not respected when used along with appearance delay.