Agent/SDK Updates

Version 1.10.1

Added Tooltip badge setting to only show the badge when the user hovers over the element on the page

Added Setting to have tooltip badges activate tooltips on hover instead of on click

Version 1.10.1

Changed Tooltip guides to block-out the entire interface except for the portion pointed to by the tooltip

Changed Changes to have badges be used to start both lightboxes and walkthrough guides now

Changed Changes to allow a guide to be shown programmatically using Javascript.

Changed Improved error handling and various fixes for older browsers

Version 1.9.0-rc.3

Changed Tooltip guides follow the element on the page if that element moves

Changed Some preliminary work on onboarding-specific guides (nothing accessible yet)

Version 1.7.3

Changed Walkthrough guides will expire after 12 hours.  If a walkthrough guide is in-flight, but left uncompleted after 12 hours, the walkthrough will expire.

Version 1.7.1

Changed Changes to the search mechanism in Launcher. Specifically, search results will be ranked so that matches on Search Keywords will come up first, then matches on guide name, then finally matches on guide content

Changed Ability to have a tooltip badge show only once