Agent/SDK Updates

Android SDK 2.22.1

Fixed Bug fix – SDK effects keyboard focus.

Fixed Crash fix – Multithreading timing caused crash when sending Track events

Changed update ProGuard rules affecting Gradle 8

Agent 2.195.0

Added Trigger change & input events for form autofill

Fixed Guide preview when Adopt + Engage are both active

Fixed Launching VDS in Firefox opens the correct guide with default privacy settings

Fixed Preview mode now checks all frames for guide eligibility status

Fixed Do not clear event buffer when startSendingEvents is called if sending is not disabled

Agent 2.194.0

Added Stop evaluating CSS selectors for guides that take >50ms to run

Added Added event count and agent version to session recording payload

Added Throttle guide prefetch requests to avoid delaying guides that need to display immediately

Added Auto-click support for automation plugin

Fixed Feedback now gets updated metadata when metadata is changed after initialization

Fixed Visual Design Studio preview mode will now recognize page rules when the URL has been customized

Fixed Backdrop is now invisible with the guide while waiting for images to finish loading

Agent 2.193.0

Added Show plugin info in validate output

Added Accept session recording privacy configuration from backend

Fixed Fix race condition when guide requests are issued in rapid succession