Android SDK

Official V2 SDK.

Added You can now set Ordering rules for your mobile guides under the ‘Ordering’ tab.

Added You can now set Throttling rules for your mobile guides and control the paste in which guides will appear to end-users.

Added Custom fonts in guides: If your app uses proprietary fonts you can use these fonts inside mobile guides.

Added Support applications using Direct Boot Mode.


Changed Analytics data sent by the SDK was reduced in size to bring down the app’s network usage.

Changed Tab buttons identification was enhanced to use the button’s accessibility text: In case a button does not have text, Pendo will use its accessibility text in the button’s rule if such exists (if the app sends texts to Pendo).

Fixed Time-in-app is now calculated correctly for anonymous visitors.

Fixed Tagging list items – all list items in a ‘recycled list view’ class can now be tagged and not only the first item.

Fixed In rare cases, the Pendo SDK changed the animation of buttons in the app.