Android SDK

Added You can now control the in and out transition animations for Guides and each Guide step. If you have a button using the Previous action in your guide, the transition will automatically be reversed so it looks and feels like you’re moving to the previous step. The default transition is ‘Appear’

Added Limit the guide’s width For optimal appearance on a mobile device. Currently in Closed Beta. Contact your CSM to get it!

Changed Improved page identification within the App, using tabViews. The page rule now includes the label of the selected tab, when relevant

Fixed Control the size of X button in any guide through Container settings or under the app’s Theme

Fixed Issues that caused inaccurate analytics when changing the visitorId

Fixed Inconsistent behaviour where the backdrop wasn’t exposing the clickable area

Fixed Tooltip’s caret size was changing based on the tooltip’s size. Now it uses a constant size

Fixed Pendo icon was not appearing sometimes while previewing step on device