Android SDK

Added Ability to control tooltip margins in relation to the screen – by default, tooltips will have a minimum margin from the edge of the screen; This margin is configurable via the Container settings

Changed Improved analytics processing efficiency and multi-thread synchronization

Fixed Tooltip’s caret size on the device was improved to have a 90-degree angle (same as on the designer preview).
Note: If you have tooltip guides in production, the caret size will change for your users using SDK 2.4 and up.  We recommend re-creating these tooltips using the default Pendo layouts.

Fixed Dismissed guides were sometimes re-displayed on the next app launch if the app was closed right after the guide was dismissed. Now, ‘guide dismissed’ events are sent instantly so guides should not be shown after dismissed

Fixed Out-of-Memory errors that happened when a device reconnected to the network and the app was brought back to the foreground