Pendo Mobile SDK


Added You can now control the in and out transition animations for Guides and each Guide step. If you have a button using the Previous action in your guide, the transition will automatically be reversed so it looks and feels like you’re moving to the previous step. The default transition is ‘Appear’

Changed Improved the way we identify features in your app

Changed Removed un-used code parts to reduce the SDK size

Fixed A major refactor to optimize SDK stability


Fixed A crash happening when using Banner guides with a very large image size

Removed Reference to UIWebViews (deprecated class) – fixed a warning when submitting to the app store


Changed Replaced the Pendo Server’s certificate

We recommend upgrading to this SDK ASAP as the existing certificate in your app will expire on Oct 27th, 2020. At that time your users will stop seeing guides and collecting analytics.

Alternatively, consult with your CSM regarding the option to upgrade to our new Pendo SDK 2.x.

Why? Certificates expire every 3 years and must be replaced to keep your app secure.