Pendo Mobile SDK

Android SDK 2.22.1

Fixed Bug fix – SDK effects keyboard focus.

Fixed Crash fix – Multithreading timing caused crash when sending Track events

Changed update ProGuard rules affecting Gradle 8

React Native Plugin 2.22.0

Fixed Improve logic for application Drawer component detection.


Added Provide support for tagging Modal component for page and features analytics.

Added Provide support for tagging BottomSheet component elements for feature analytics.

Added Expose “screenContentChange” API to force page rescanning.


Fixed an issue with black screen when trying to capture certain pages

Fixed an issue with some clickable elements that were not recognized, hence could not be tagged

Android SDK 2.22.0

Added Track Event Properties Guide Activation. Support guides/tooltips that are activated by the track event take into consideration the track event’s different properties and their types.

Fixed crash for devices with API 24 and lower attempting to show Pendo Guide.

Fixed the Pendo Tooltip backdrop and text background color is affected by the hosting app theme.


Guides Accessibility

Changed Number Scale Poll guides constraint labels are clearly indicated by the accessibility service.

Changed Guides title text block supports accessibility service heading only navigation.

Changed Guides font size reflecting the adjustments made by the user in device font size settings.

Changed Detect and send click analytics for clickable elements when the application is in accessibility TalkBack mode.

Changed All Open Text Box Guide elements and controls can be reachable even when the soft keyboard is opened in accessibility TalkBack mode.

Changed Guides support a descriptive text that will be announced by TalkBack to describe the nature of the guide before any element of the guide.