Pendo Web Agent

Agent 2.164.0

Fixed Account ID is now cleared if an invalid ID is given instead of left as previous ID

Fixed The amount of frame metadata sent to the Agent debugger for frame diagnostics has been reduced

Agent 2.163.1

Fixed Change internal exports that prevented the Classic Designer from fully loading

Agent 2.163.0

Fixed Previewing badge activated guides from the Visual Design Studio will now correctly show unsaved changes

Fixed Functions used to launch Visual Design Studio and Adopt Studio now better account for situations where two agents are present

Agent 2.162.0

Added Internal mechanisms for the Adopt Extension to include Agent plugins

Agent 2.161.1

Fixed “XHR” build of the Agent now makes test guide.gif request using XHR to better detect failures

Fixed Guide render will no longer wait for images marked as “lazy load” before displaying the guide

Fixed Designer guide preview will now correctly continue multi-step guides after a page reload