Pendo Web Agent

Agent 2.196.1

Added Session recording ids are now on the data request for assistance in verification

Added Global property pendo.doNotProcess set when a visitor is flagged to not process data

Agent 2.196.0

Fixed Preventing preview and debugger frames from being included in auto frame installer

Agent 2.195.2

Added More error logging for session recording failures

Added Option to disable session recording web worker

Agent 2.195.1

Added Additional logging for session replay network failures

Fixed Add missing field custom_allowed_products to Feedback ping

Fixed Check if history API is read only

Agent 2.195.0

Added Trigger change & input events for form autofill

Fixed Guide preview when Adopt + Engage are both active

Fixed Launching VDS in Firefox opens the correct guide with default privacy settings

Fixed Preview mode now checks all frames for guide eligibility status

Fixed Do not clear event buffer when startSendingEvents is called if sending is not disabled