Pendo Web Agent

Agent 2.236.1 & 2.237.1

Fixed Anonymous visitor IDs now properly persist across page reloads when JWT is used

Agent 2.237.0

Fixed Tooltips and backdrops now correctly track elements in shadow dom during scroll

Fixed Allow the VocPortal plugin to adjust the size of the RC module container

Fixed Remove race condition when checking for error clicks

Fixed Ignore messages in the debugger that fail to parse

Agent 2.236.0

Added Error clicks include error messages

Agent 2.235.0

Added Agent config setting “forceAnonymous”, to clear stored identities at initialization time

Fixed Event capture stops at any body element even if it isn’t the “real” body element

Agent 2.234.1

Fixed Make beforeMount callback safe for IE7/8

Fixed Redraw embedded guides on window resize event