Pendo Web Agent

Agent 2.182.0

Added Drift native integration for Resource Center

Added Support for Visual Design Studio sidebar mode

Fixed Now able to preview scheduled/expired guides

Fixed Moved license comments to Agent documentation site from agent source

Fixed Only run Resource Center sandbox module code one time when launched through API

Agent 2.181.0

Added Non-inline positioned badges are re-positioned on scroll

Added Frame visibility is considered when showing guides in Resource Center guide lists

Fixed Console error no longer shown when previewing an Adopt guide over a site with an Engage install

Agent 2.180.1

Removed Revert “Feedback plugin now responds to metadata changes”

Agent 2.180.0

Fixed Feedback plugin now responds to metadata changes

Fixed Intercom and Zendesk integrations react to installation after Pendo is already initialized

Agent 2.179.1

Removed Reverted the addition of shadow dom support from preferMutationObserver