Pendo Web Agent

Agent 2.67.1

Added New setting to prioritize Adopt guides for auto display

Added Support for changing the size of the resource center badge

Fixed Resource center dismiss button is no longer cut off on low-resolution displays

Agent 2.65.2

Fixed Fixes an issue where multiple automatic guides could display in frames.

Agent 2.65.1

Added Turning on enableDebugEvents will now capture additional information about the guide session

Fixed Pendo Adopt guides get higher priority for click/hover activation

Fixed Trim whitespace from text captured based on allowed text settings

Fixed Resource centers that activate on a target element will now hide if that element is clicked while the resource center is visible

Fixed Fixed a bug that prevents the designer from launching more than once

Agent 2.63.0

Added Support for additional guide positioning options

Fixed ‘End of Guide Preview’ displays on last step of guide when user clicks Previous or Go to Step

Agent 2.62.2

Fixed Remove collection_overhead_in_ms from event property collection