Pendo Web Agent

Agent 2.44.1

Added There is now an option to completely disable global CSS

Added Adopt CNAME host (if enabled) will now list valid designer hosts

Added New identifiers for browser tab, frame, and guide session are attached to analytics collection

Added New support for hover activation for guides in shadow DOM

Fixed Fix for issue that can prevent clicks from firing in bootstrap dropdowns in iOS Safari

Fixed Fix to ensure that no requests are sent to Pendo servers until after the document load event fires

Agent 2.43.1

Fixed ensure that the Pendo agent page change handler does not trigger angular’s change detection in angular apps

Agent 2.43.0

Added Add a new host that is allowed to launch designer to facilitate testing designer releases

Added Catch errors in customer-defined functions for sanitizeUrl and annotateUrl to prevent downstream side-effects

Fixed Fix margin calculations for large guides

Fixed Fix issue that caused designer login to be in the loading state forever

Fixed Fix issue that prevents the resource center from opening when guide center is deactivated

Fixed Guide backdrop can be enabled in classic designer

Fixed remove 100ms URL polling interval in browsers that support hashchange and the history API

Agent 2.41.1

Added Event Properties parsing internal structures changed to be more formalized

Added Work towards guide breakage alerts – the agent will now send errors and timeouts to the backend as part of guide seen reasons

Added Loading Pendo through integration now supports staging servers

Fixed Squished a bug where analytics were not being sent from an iframe when it is removed

Fixed Squished a bug that prevented guides from displaying automatically in iframes if the top frame has no guides

Fixed We now reject all whitespace visitor IDs

Fixed Fixed showing guides in IE 11 for apps that use Framesets

Fixed To prevent Chrome from showing samesite warning, the Agent now creates cookies differently

Fixed Ensure guide is hidden on dismiss, even if errors occur

Agent 2.39.1

Added Shadow DOM support for guides and analytics.

Added New function pendo.validateNativeMethods() can determine if the host application has overridden native JS methods, which can cause the agent or designer not to function correctly. Useful for debugging.

Added New function pendo.validateEnvironment() will run both pendo.validateInstall() and pendo.validateNativeMethods() to holistically inspect the host environment.

Fixed Safer references to encodeURIComponent/decodeURIComponent to avoid cross browser issues.

Fixed Announcement modules that contain whatsnew guides will no longer “jump” back to the top of the module on scroll.

Fixed Guides that are taller than the height of the window will now have scrollbars applied to them.

Fixed Ensure Feedback-related login/open flows occur in the correct order.

Fixed Ensure Feedback has been initialized prior to sending the user to the login screen.

Fixed Use a default name for track events when not provided.

Fixed Container will resize when vid or img media is added.

Fixed Fix for Feedback login and redirect.

Fixed Feedback uses firstName and lastName if no full_name provided.