Pendo Web Agent

Agent 2.19.2

Added Support for guide content validation on translated guides

Fixed Better positioning logic for the Resource Center notification bubble on element activated Resource Centers

Fixed The onboarding module in the Resource Center will now correctly filter out guides that do not have matching elements on the page

Fixed Better handling of temporary guide state cookies for subdomains

Fixed Announcements now correctly pull their display date first from a scheduled delivery date if available, and otherwise will fall back to last published date

Agent 2.19.1

Added We’ve added code to allow customers to use a single install snippet across all of Pendo’s web products

Fixed Ensure guides that cross multiple iframes preserve and resume state correctly, even across page reloads

Fixed For guides created in the Visual Designer, elements inside of a guide row now correctly flex with %-based widths

Fixed Css-related errors thrown by IE7/8 are correctly trapped, to avoid guides not rendering in these environments

Fixed A check to ensure we’re only computing style on element nodes was made compatible with IE7/8

Agent 2.18.5

Added Support for the Announcements Module in Resource Center.

Added Users can now add search terms to guides found in the Guides List module.

Added Added configuration option to allow customers to ignore url hash changes entirely.

Fixed Customer implemented querystring whitelists had an edge case that caused them to be ignored. This has been fixed and should now always be honored.

Agent 2.18.2

Fixed Preview mode now correctly uses normalized URLs when checking for page matches. This should clear up the vast majority of false positives for “Incorrect Page” errors encountered while in preview mode.

Fixed The initial render of a tooltip pointed at a position:fixed element was sometimes off by a few pixels. Not anymore.

Fixed We’ve changed some internals of how click-activated guides are triggered. These guides should now have virtually no impact on the performance of a user’s application, regardless of how many click-activated guides exist on a given page.

Agent 2.18.1

Added The resource center (and its modules) can now be used with guide validation

Added Customers can now use the `annotateUrl` configuration option to provide their own function to determine what “page” a visitor is on. This is particularly useful for customer applications where the url never changes

Fixed Tooltips can no longer partially render off the top of the screen (making them unable to be dismissed)

Fixed Tooltips now wait to position until all their image blocks have loaded, preventing them from stuttering when rendered with large images

Fixed Images for guides created in the Visual Designer now always correctly get display: block, ensuring they don’t create a ~6px gap in their container

Fixed Tooltips are better at picking their render direction/offset, and have better handling for mobile-sized screens