Pendo Web Agent

Agent 2.199.0

Added Read session recording keyframe frequency from visitor settings

Added Session recording id now included on initial load event

Added Append unread notification count to Resource Center badge aria label

Fixed Surface guidesFailed event for do-not-process response

Fixed Session recording will not fall back to the main thread by default if the worker cannot be created

Fixed Do not run guide update if guide reload is in progress

Fixed Handle slow loading video iframes to improve experience for visitors

Agent 2.197.1 & 2.198.1

Fixed Guide logic poll branching logic will no longer incorrectly report poll responses

Agent 2.198.0

Fixed Guide processing timeout messages are now warnings instead of errors

Fixed Preview mode should now correctly report page match status when the url has been annotated

Fixed VDS-launched preview mode now code blocks correctly on the standards build of the agent

Fixed Guide display errors will no longer fire too frequently

Fixed Ensure metadata is properly initialized with legacy installations

Agent 2.197.0

Added Suffix of “ext” added to the end of agent version for the Adopt extension

Added Option to disable session recording if web worker cannot be created

Added Zendesk messaging native integration

Fixed Console error no longer shown for some guides using the markdown extensions

Fixed Recording events protected from sending an old visitor id after identity change

Agent 2.196.1

Added Session recording ids are now on the data request for assistance in verification

Added Global property pendo.doNotProcess set when a visitor is flagged to not process data