Pendo Web Agent

Agent 2.176.1

Fixed Fix issue where non-NPS guides for Pendo Free customers were not displaying

Agent 2.176.0

Added Config option to disable synthesization of clicks from mousedown and up events (for accessibility)

Fixed Remove duplicate IDs on backdrop elements

Fixed Guide buttons should no longer overlap in certain browsers

Fixed Fixed issue where auto-displayed multi-step guides failed to throttle correctly

Agent 2.175.0

Added Directional CSS classes for the arrows on tooltip guides

Added Configuration option to prevent the Agent from initializing

Fixed No longer add style block for the Resource Center badge’s pulse animation when pseudo-styles are disabled

Fixed Improve the focus trap for guides when clicking outside of the guide

Agent 2.174.0

Added Pendo branding for NPS surveys in Pendo Free

Fixed Event body text color in the debugger should be readable regardless of host application’s CSS

Fixed Previewing guide from the Visual Design Studio in a new tab now should work again in apps with multiple frames

Fixed Tooltips and backdrops should update their position and size when the target element changes

Agent 2.173.0

Added Support for configuring attachPoint in a shadow DOM

Fixed Support for ::shadow selectors separated by commas