Improving Your Agile Skills Does Not Need to be Boring

At Pendo, we are always looking to provide the best value to our customers. We use Agile to help us navigate the complexities of product development and delivery. 


Agility (noun: the power of moving quickly and easily; nimbleness) is a skill that is learned through practice and application. That’s where the Pendo Agile Practice team comes in with dedicated Scrum Masters and Coaches to provide guidance and help with learning and improving those skills in a safe and fun way.


Building on your Agile understanding does not have to be boring. The following are a few examples of how we build upon agile while keeping things entertaining:


  • Lunch “n” Learns – where you bring lunch and have a chance for relaxed & informal collaboration on an Agile topic
  • Utilising dedicated Slack channels (#agile-practices) – where people can share useful reads or ask questions and get answers. You can choose to read what interests you without needing to sit through another PowerPoint presentation 
  • Open Workshops – where you get to play a game and actually practice Agile in real-time

Agile Working

Only through practice are we able to move faster and build better solutions, but we can have fun whilst doing that!