iOS SDK 2.7.0

Added Net Promoter Score (NPS)! Yes, that’s right! You can now gauge customer loyalty and overall user satisfaction on your mobile apps! Read more.

Added Open Text Poll! Use an open text field for qualitative responses. Read more.

Added New Guide Activation! Ability to launch a guide using Track Events. Read more.

Added Ability to capture Modals’ features; Capture the modal and tag its features to receive features’ analytics.

Added SDK sends initialization notification (callbacks) on init.SDK and switchVisitor.

Changed Security enhancements; Updating libraries, and refactoring.

Changed Mobile guides now being created with Texture instead of ComponentKit. This means more guide flexibility in the near future!

Changed Optimize data usage sent by SDK.

Changed Changed kIIODidSuccessfullyInitializeSDKNotification and kIIOErrorInitializeSDKNotification notification observation to kPNDDidSuccessfullyInitializeSDKNotification and kPNDErrorInitializeSDKNotification. The old notification observer will be deprecated in the next minor release (2.8).

Fixed Improvements to features and page rules automatic identification

Fixed Pendo.pauseGuides() function.

Fixed Stability enhancements.

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