Android SDK

Changed Mobile tooltips were changed to be site-wide and not screen-sensitive, to enhance performance

Changed Guides images are now being prefetched during the SDK initialization to reduce guide display time

Changed Performance improvement in scaling the size of guide images according to the device’s screen density

Fixed setUserAttributes data loss fix: if during init the app does not set user attributes, we no longer override the old attributes that were set. Only if the app sets userAttributes with null, we override the old attributes

Fixed If a guide started to show but was not fully displayed to the user (for example, the user moved away from the screen while the guide’s display animation was in progress), this will not be considered a guide view for the sake of guide analytics and throttling.

Fixed App freeze in case a guide with an ‘Open URL’ call-to-action was triggered based on a ‘click on’ trigger

Fixed If the height OR the width of a scaled image is larger than the screen’s height or width, respectively, we use the original image and not the scaled one (before the fix we would use the original image only if BOTH height and width of the scaled image were larger than the screen)

Fixed If the host app is calling Insert.setPushId with null → ignore it

Fixed Fix to the case when the SDK loses the internet connection during a session and triggers a guide – the guide no longer looks zoomed in