Agent/SDK Updates

Version 2.0.0

We are planning to release a new version of the agent on Friday, August 19th.

Changed Guide content is now loaded from a separate location rather than being bundled into each guide request made by the agent

Version 1.18.3

Added Users can specify a whitelist of query string parameters to be captured.  When enabled, only the specified query strings will be sent to Pendo.  Others will be ignored.

Version 1.18.2

Changed Use the browser’s built-in JSON serialization when possible to improve performance and work better with more modern JavaScript frameworks

Version 1.18.1

Fixed The agent now correctly captures text elements that contain multi-byte characters

Changed It is no longer required to call `pendo.pageLoad()` when using the HTML5 History API

Changed Added minor utility function to validate the Pendo installation

Version 1.18.0

Added Support for global guide javascript to enable more robust guide customization and configuration

Fixed The agent will now correctly handle white space when capturing text in some clicked elements