Agent/SDK Updates

Version 1.18.0

Added Support for global guide javascript to enable more robust guide customization and configuration

Fixed The agent will now correctly handle white space when capturing text in some clicked elements

Version 1.17.1

Fixed More robust check for integration

Fixed Repaired a specific case where the automatic scroll-to-tooltip functionality was activated incorrectly

Version 1.17.0

Added Allow users to “approve” guide content before it will display in their production environment


Version 1.16.1

Changed Minor enhancements improve the previewing guides experience in the Pendo Editor when the guide is either attached to an element that isn’t visible, or on a different page

Version 1.16.0

Changed Support for options to show the launcher in situations where it would not previously show (e.g. mobile devices & iframes). This update is in preparation for a forthcoming Pendo app release, the agent update does not add any additional functionality.