Agent/SDK Updates

Agent 2.48.0

Added Handling for JWT (JSON Web Token) for secure snippet. This setting also has to be enabled at the application/subscription level to take effect.

Fixed The designer will now correctly launch with white-labeling over Pendo Adopt when in a CNAME environment.

Fixed Legacy “what’s new” guides will not send cross-frame messages in apps with iframes.

Fixed Analytics that are sent with POST requests before the page unloads will not get dropped.

Fixed Skipped guide steps now always log a duration of 0 seconds.

Fixed We’ve addressed an issue where switching visitors could cause guides to re-display. Not anymore!

Android SDK

Fixed An issue with synchronizing view listeners for better stability. In rare cases, this could lead to app crash.

Agent 2.45.2

This update contains a single bugfix, but it’s a good one for our friends who use iframes.

Fixed When using the designer on an application with iframes, if an iframe does a full reload (but is not destroyed), ensure that it is re-registered with the designer when it loads again