Agent/SDK Updates

RN Plugin 2.21.0

Added Support for Fabric architecture

Added Simplified integration for React-Navigation (No changes to old integration flow)

Android SDK 2.21.0

Added When capturing a page, if the camera icon is hidden, you can use the volume-up button on your phone to capture the page

Fixed Bugs in pair mode

iOS SDK 2.21.0

Fixed Bugs in pair mode

Fixed Blank screen when tagging a page

Fixed Accessibility issues

Agent 2.177.0

Added Set ‘unload’ subtype on session recording payloads when sent due to a page unload

Added Config setting to allow analytics to be excluded by type

Added NPS branding for Pendo Free now has UTMs on the links

Fixed Race condition with Intercom and Resource Center initialization

Agent 2.176.1

Fixed Fix issue where non-NPS guides for Pendo Free customers were not displaying