Agent/SDK Updates

React Native Plugin 2.18.1

Fixed App crashing due to a race condition between native invoking methods on the JS side

iOS SDK 2.18.2

Fixed For apps using track-events only solution, app was crashing when using a guide

Fixed App crashing for UISplitviewControllers with more than one details view

Agent 2.156.0

Added Improved minification for the Agent

Added Reject visitor and account ids when trying to set to an invalid value

Fixed Preview bar can now appear in child frames if the top frame does not have Pendo installed

Agent 2.155.1

Added Agent debugger now shows URL validation status

Added The output of validateEnvironment now includes native code status of Object.create

Agent 2.154.3

Added Prevent guides from showing if the visitor is unable to send guide events to Pendo (most common when an adblocker is enabled)