Agent/SDK Updates

Agent 2.77.0

Added Activation element is focused when Guide is hidden

Added Option to trap focus in a step, if the Guide is configured to auto-focus

Fixed Buttons in full width Guides now maintain orientation when the window is resized

Agent 2.76.0

Added Video Building Blocks support “auto-focus this step”

Added Announcement Guides send guideActivity events

Android SDK

Fixed Library kotlin-stdlib-jdk7 collision was causing Xamarin app build to fail

Available only for 

Agent 2.75.1

Fixed Guides no longer flicker if Guides reload in a different frame

Fixed Resource Center Alert Badge no longer gets removed if Resource Center is closed

Fixed Resource Center Alert Badge updates correctly when new notifications are received

Fixed Late loaded iframes now get detected properly by Visual Design Studio

Android SDK

Fixed Compilation error Program type already present: okhttp3.Cookie$Builder

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