Agent/SDK Updates

Agent 2.222.0

Fixed Session recording now records grid-template correctly in Chrome

Fixed Event properties prioritize matches on the clicked element if there are multiple matches

Fixed (Debugger v2) add sort options to guide list

Fixed (Debugger v2) show autodisplay alerts as guides title notification

Agent 2.221.0

Added Config option for nonce support for inline guide styles

Fixed Re-fetch recording config when metadata changes

Fixed Save last interaction info for session recording more frequently

Fixed Backdrop no longer flickers when next step contains an image

Fixed Resource center badge no longer shows during scroll after being hidden

Fixed Fully cleanup preview frame from child

Fixed Use adopted style sheets for shadow root attachPoint

Security Escape hostname regular expressions

Agent 2.220.0

Added “U-turn” frustration type

Added Check for Object.getOwnPropertyNames in validateNativeMethods

Added Include previous anonymous visitor ID (if any) on guides.js request

Added New config documentation link in debugger v2

Fixed Stop sending previous anonymous visitor with first identify event if agent was initialized with an identified visitor

Fixed Remove noisy log messages in debugger

Fixed More rendering optimizations for large lists of announcement guides

Fixed Adjust display logic for date blocks

Fixed Improve debugger v2 advanced section button styles

Agent 2.219.0

Added Change default debugger to v2 when launched by console command

Fixed Improve rendering performance for long lists of announcements

Fixed Reposition and resize target element activated resource center

Fixed Stop sending empty unload event for session recording

Fixed (Debugger v2) style fixes and more status icons

Fixed (Debugger v2) immediately fetch step eligibility on guide expand

Fixed (Debugger v2) config tab breakdown plus status icon component

Fixed (Debugger v2) make alert links scroll to subsections of tabs

Agent 2.218.1

Fixed Session recording attachShadow no longer interferes with detection of native shadow DOM support