Agent/SDK Updates

Agent 2.119.1

Fixed Zoom/resize now adjusts guide position and dimensions

Fixed Text-only zoom now redraws guide

Fixed pendo.stopGuides now stops guides

Fixed Debugger performance improved by not polling elements for ineligible guides

Agent 2.118.0

Added New event hooks now available to use in code blocks

Fixed Guides no longer redraw when browser is zoomed

Fixed Deprecation messages removed for attachEvent and detachEvent

Fixed Anonymous visitor IDs no longer preserved across page loads when JWT is used

Fixed Guide activity events now supported for pendo-buttons wrapped in tags by the browser

Fixed Safari will now send guide events during navigation even if the following page is slow to respond

Agent 2.117.0

Fixed Aria expanded attribute added to resource center badge button element

Fixed More secure construction of the preview guide request url

Fixed RC guide list now removes guides from list after a page change in an iframe

Agent 2.116.0

Added Sibling selector feature tagging support now available

Fixed Preview for translated guides now working correctly

Fixed Popup windows no longer treated like iframes when BroadcastChannel is enabled

Fixed Tooltips now scrolling with target element properly with certain CSS configurations

Agent 2.115.0

Added Support now available for IframeBlock and IframeModule for Resource Center

Fixed Error in code block no longer results in guide displaying in 2 frames at the same time

Fixed Tooltips no longer follow target element when host application has disabled document scrolling

Fixed Element targeted walkthrough no longer re-activates first step on mouse move

Fixed Element targeted walkthrough no longer re-activates first step on target element clicked