Agent/SDK Updates

Agent 2.197.0

Added Suffix of “ext” added to the end of agent version for the Adopt extension

Added Option to disable session recording if web worker cannot be created

Added Zendesk messaging native integration

Fixed Console error no longer shown for some guides using the markdown extensions

Fixed Recording events protected from sending an old visitor id after identity change

Agent 2.196.1

Added Session recording ids are now on the data request for assistance in verification

Added Global property pendo.doNotProcess set when a visitor is flagged to not process data

Agent 2.196.0

Fixed Preventing preview and debugger frames from being included in auto frame installer

Agent 2.195.2

Added More error logging for session recording failures

Added Option to disable session recording web worker

Android + Xamarin SDK 2.22.2

Fixed Pendo Setup API bug. When passing pendoOptions as null, it resulted in a Pendo start error