Pendo Web Agent

Agent 2.39.1

Added Shadow DOM support for guides and analytics.

Added New function pendo.validateNativeMethods() can determine if the host application has overridden native JS methods, which can cause the agent or designer not to function correctly. Useful for debugging.

Added New function pendo.validateEnvironment() will run both pendo.validateInstall() and pendo.validateNativeMethods() to holistically inspect the host environment.

Fixed Safer references to encodeURIComponent/decodeURIComponent to avoid cross browser issues.

Fixed Announcement modules that contain whatsnew guides will no longer “jump” back to the top of the module on scroll.

Fixed Guides that are taller than the height of the window will now have scrollbars applied to them.

Fixed Ensure Feedback-related login/open flows occur in the correct order.

Fixed Ensure Feedback has been initialized prior to sending the user to the login screen.

Fixed Use a default name for track events when not provided.

Fixed Container will resize when vid or img media is added.

Fixed Fix for Feedback login and redirect.

Fixed Feedback uses firstName and lastName if no full_name provided.

Agent 2.35.1

Added Visual Designer guide actions now catch and log errors that occur, improving our internal tracking and error handling.

Agent 2.35.0

Fixed Fixed a rendering bug that would cause the Pendo Feedback widget not to appear for Feedback-only customers

Agent 2.34.0

Added preview mode support for target element activated guides

Added A mode to use only localStorage for short term persistence (as opposed to falling back to cookies when needed)

Fixed Improved support for guide preview in iframes

Fixed Fixed a guide flickering issue that would sometimes occur in iframes

Fixed Guide height computation is now more performant

Agent 2.33.0

Added Users are now able to remove the Pendo Feedback widget

Added The unread bubble on the resource center now has a configurable position

Added The Agent will now prefer localStorage over cookies for all temporary data storage

Added Staging servers can now be hashed as an additional layer of security around what data is visible to an end user

Added The agent can now integrate with Webhooks for Metadata

Fixed Better handling of guide size when hovered elements change size

Fixed Resource Centers will now correctly respect the “Do not resume across pages” setting in all single page apps

Fixed A specific css configuration that prevented backdrops from rendering correctly has been fixed

Fixed The “step x of y” text in the Resource Center Onboarding Module can now be localized