Pendo Web Agent

Agent 2.88.1

Added Native chat experience for Intercom

Added pendo.clearSession to revert back to anonymous visitor

Added Log debug event at the start of guide loop

Fixed API-activated guides can be previewed

Fixed Fixed cases where restarting Guide Preview did not work as expected

Fixed Overhaul of the flexbox polyfill for guide content

Agent 2.87.1

Fixed validateInstall command correctly prints false values (e.g. false, 0, etc)

Fixed Text blocks are included when resizing full width Guide flex elements

Fixed Guide content is no longer fetched when an automatic guide cannot be displayed due to target element or page rule mismatch

Fixed Lowered the number of next steps to pre-fetch in a walkthrough guide from 3 to 1

Fixed Fixed console error logged from non-standard mouseup events

Agent 2.86.0

Added Able to set Zendesk chat window position based on integration configuration

Added Guide preview mode and Guide CSS can use a configurable path

Added New option to disable content pre-fetching

Added Guide state now stays in sync across multiple tabs when possible

Fixed Preview mode uses normalized URL as expected

Fixed Collect click data based on the mousedown target even when the mouseup target does not match

Agent 2.85.1

Added validateEnvironment checks for errors in sanitizeUrl and annotateUrl

Added Initial work to enable 3rd party native-chat experience for Resource Center extensions. Enables notifications but does not yet include chat-window positioning.

Fixed Resolved initialization issues in IE versions 8 and lower

Fixed Resource Center no longer reopens on page change after being dismissed

Fixed Fixed an issue with error logging

Agent 2.84.3

Fixed Resolved issue with click event collection when host application uses Mootools