Pendo Web Agent

Agent 2.93.2

Added MutationObserver may be enabled as an alternative to the continuous 500ms loop

Fixed Elements that are partially scrolled out of view will be fully scrolled into view

Fixed Set defaults for announcements and knowledge base modules in the legacy guide center

Fixed Flexbox code correctly sets width on image placeholders (affects Designer only)

Fixed Check for enabled native integrations on Resource Center load instead of waiting for eligible Integration Module

Agent 2.92.4

Fixed Ensure guide seen events include information about what triggered the display

Fixed Do not automatically display walkthroughs where any step has been dismissed or advanced

Fixed Restrict the modules that may be loaded by the legacy Designer

Agent 2.92.3

Fixed Fixed issue that caused announcement buttons to be misaligned when side-by-side

Agent 2.92.2

Fixed Fixed issue that caused a displayed guide to briefly hide then re-show when a new iframe loads

Agent 2.92.1

Fixed Fixed issue with guide activation and click collection in Shadow DOM