Pendo Web Agent

Agent 2.54.1

Fixed Click and hover activated guides launch correctly in iframes

Agent 2.54.0

Fixed Resource center correctly re-opens across page reloads

Fixed Consistent handling of snippet vs. server configuration of agent options

Agent 2.53.1

Added iframe support for launch guide action

Fixed Fixed an issue that was sending large numbers of “seen” events for the resource center when it is empty

Fixed Element click/hover activation supports more than one activation element

Agent 2.52.0

Fixed guides eligible for display in frames show in the resource center guide list

Fixed do not allow advancing or dismissing a guide that is still waiting for content to load

Fixed default guide seen timeout is now 10 seconds instead of 10 milliseconds

Fixed race condition in element activated guides that could fail to send guide analytics if clicking the element changes the page location

Agent 2.51.0

Fixed Fixed issue that hides the resource center every half second when it has no eligible guides or modules

Fixed Preview mode not correctly matching page rules