Pendo Web Agent

Agent 2.106.1

Fixed Agent debugger shows “staging” status on staging servers as expected

Fixed Navigating the Resource Center focuses on the current module content as expected

Agent 2.105.2

Fixed Announcement module no longer re-renders every half second when Classic “What’s New” guides are included in the module content

Agent 2.105.0

Fixed Resource Center badge and notification bubble disappears after Turbolinks URL change

Agent 2.104.1

Added Support for resource center preview

Fixed Removed script tags after JSONP resources finish loading

Fixed Race condition where guide events can be processed out of order and result in repeat displays resolved

Fixed Content loading order optimized for automatic guides when announcements are present

Fixed Designer no longer launches multiple times

Agent 2.103.1

Added Configuration option that allows Pendo to initialize before document load

Added Add aria-hidden and focusable attributes to the progress icon in the onboarding module

Fixed Only one occurrence of each unhandled error is logged

Fixed Events for Shadow DOM components with default slots that contain only text nodes are handled correctly