Pendo Web Agent

Agent 2.76.0

Added Video Building Blocks support “auto-focus this step”

Added Announcement Guides send guideActivity events

Agent 2.75.1

Fixed Guides no longer flicker if Guides reload in a different frame

Fixed Resource Center Alert Badge no longer gets removed if Resource Center is closed

Fixed Resource Center Alert Badge updates correctly when new notifications are received

Fixed Late loaded iframes now get detected properly by Visual Design Studio

Agent 2.74.2

Fixed Prevent Visual Design Studio from launching automatically in child frames

Agent 2.74.1

Fixed Prevent excessive error logging when network conditions cause an unexpected response format for Guide content

Fixed Prevent infinite loop when skipping to the last step from any step of a multi-step Guide

Fixed Fixed race condition where “Snooze” Guide status could be lost if Guides reload immediately after snoozing a Guide

Fixed Snoozing a guide in an iframe no longer results in the Guide immediately re-displaying

Fixed Fixed issue that could cause Guides to re-display after being dismissed when iframes unload in a certain order

Agent 2.73.0

Added configuration option to disable unload handlers (for BFcache support)

Fixed When multiple frames would load guides at the same time (due to URL change), there was a bug that would make the resource center display multiple times during automatic re-open. Not anymore!

Fixed disableFeedback flag now works correctly when passed in pendo options to pendo.initialize