Pendo Web Agent

Agent 2.215.1 & 2.216.1

Fixed Properly detect if CSP blocks the session recording web worker in Firefox to prevent event loss

Agent 2.216.0

Added step eligibility alerts, excluded guides, and throttling to agent debugger v2

Fixed Submit button no longer enables with empty responses on required open text poll

Fixed Improve alerts empty state in agent debugger v2

Agent 2.215.0

Added Session recording will now retry failed network requests (requires web worker update if self-hosting the worker)

Fixed Various fixes and improvements for agent debugger v2

Agent 2.214.1

Fixed Revert session recording performance fix that made performance worse in various cases

Agent 2.214.0

Fixed Improved session replay inactivity calculation

Fixed Clear session replay sequence number when a new snapshot is taken

Fixed Ensure new recording session starts after inactivity

Fixed Set first event timestamp on recording event body

Fixed Improve preview bar step progress copy and css for responsiveness

Fixed Handle guide redisplay correctly with multi frame apps