Pendo Web Agent

Agent 2.161.0

Fixed Prevent a “pageLoad” event from being sent too early in certain location API use cases

Fixed Handle key naming collisions for promoted metadata

Fixed Safely add promoted metadata to events in cases where feature events didn’t already exist

Fixed Sanitize metadata before posting to other frames

Fixed Ensure origin checks operate correctly in older versions of IE

Agent 2.160.2

Added Code to perform text capture is omitted entirely if text capture is disabled in app settings

Added Show page and element status for same-origin frames in Agent debugger

Fixed Harden against a race condition that could result in double display when guides reload quickly in succession

Fixed Metadata sanitization now follows supported JSON types

Agent 2.159.0

Added Support for a separate trigger element that must be present for guides to be able to launch

Fixed Visual Design Studio can now correctly launch when both a native Engage install and Adopt application are present

Agent 2.158.1

Fixed No longer wait for iframes used in code blocks to load before showing a guide

Agent 2.158.0

Fixed All metadata groups will now sanitize and remove unsupported values instead of just account metadata

Fixed Ensure visitor & account ids are strings for Feedback

Fixed Preview bar functions correctly when opened in child frames

Fixed Improved race condition handling for JSONP guide payload format

Fixed Improved visibility for pre tag usage in the debugger

Fixed Tooltip guides no longer get stuck in fixed positioning when the document changes from fixed to default positioning