Pendo Web Agent

Agent 2.211.1

Fixed Improve session recording performance when large numbers of nodes are removed from the document

Fixed No longer log console errors when session recording is enabled on an app using the material drag and drop library

Agent 2.211.0

Added Redesign preview bar to better support smaller screens

Fixed Prevent guide from continuously re-displaying when frames have mismatched visitors (will still redisplay on reload)

Fixed Improved detection for cloned tabs and correction of tabId

Fixed Include sessionId on session recording log events

Fixed Correctly readjust “blockout” backdrop position between all steps and target elements

Agent 2.210.0

Fixed No longer throw null reference error when dismissing guides in Firefox extension installations

Fixed Session recording now restarts properly after calling pendo.teardown

Fixed Event properties now match correctly in shadow DOM

Fixed Properly handle anguler/zone.js prototype changes for session recording

Fixed Resource center badge now stays hidden during scroll when integrations are visible

Fixed Do not double-encode URLs when page event properties are enabled

Fixed Do not send multiple guideTimeout events when a target element is not immediately visible

Agent 2.209.1

Fixed Add JWT support for session recordings

Fixed Sync the first recordingId in a session with sessionRecordingId

Agent 2.209.0

Added Display preview errors as banners below preview bar

Fixed Branching guides now work correctly when other multi-select polls are added first

Fixed Send guideSeen event for repeat view of resource center announcement guides

Fixed Ensure recordingSessionId stays consistent across page loads

Fixed Safeguard against null timestamps on recording events