Pendo Web Agent

Agent 2.147.1

Fixed Remove error message that appeared in staging environments with Pendo Feedback enabled

Agent 2.147.0

Added Feedback code is now only included in agent if enabled

Added Guide runtime “before” phases (e.g. beforeGuideDismissed) allow certain actions to be cancelled from custom code blocks

Added Show guide and poll events in debugger

Added Internal extension point for registering a method to run as part of the guide update process

Added Internal event emits whenever data is enqueued

Fixed Removed URL shortening code

Fixed No longer using Blob when POSTing data with sendBeacon

Fixed Event monitoring being enabled in Debugger no longer prevents events from being sent

Fixed Update “Has Been Seen” text in Debugger to make this field less confusing

Fixed Remove deprecation warning from flushNow

Fixed Update to use “dom” instead of “Sizzle” internally throughout for consistency

Fixed No more race condition when Engage Agent manages to load before the Adopt Agent

Agent 2.146.0

Added Ability to automatically add properties of a specific page to all events

Agent 2.145.0

Added Restructure Feedback code to prepare it to be delivered only when enabled

Added Added browser storage API to guide runtime

Fixed Origin checks for development urls when loading Visual Design Studio

Fixed Improved data compression estimates for more efficient packing of POST requests

Agent 2.144.0

Fixed Correctly send destination step ID for advance events

Fixed Send data more efficiently when using POST requests for large events