Pendo Web Agent

Agent 2.157.1

Added Debugger now includes a link to documentation about excluded guides

Added The debugger now has a button to copy the Agent’s state to help with support issues

Fixed The debugger now correctly checks eligibility of all steps for the expanded guide expanded guide

Fixed Images and frames in code blocks are now detected to properly size the guide container

Fixed Increased z-index for the debugger to provide support for more applications

Fixed Improved performance for feature event properties based on :contains selectors

Agent 2.156.0

Added Improved minification for the Agent

Added Reject visitor and account ids when trying to set to an invalid value

Fixed Preview bar can now appear in child frames if the top frame does not have Pendo installed

Agent 2.155.1

Added Agent debugger now shows URL validation status

Added The output of validateEnvironment now includes native code status of Object.create

Agent 2.154.3

Added Prevent guides from showing if the visitor is unable to send guide events to Pendo (most common when an adblocker is enabled)

Agent 2.154.1

Added The debugger now displays a conflict warning for metadata keys that only differ in casing

Fixed Tooltips and Resource Center no longer disappear off screen when scrolling in Visual Design Studio

Fixed The launch guide button in debugger now launches guides in child frames

Fixed The debugger frames list now correctly updates when the guide list changes

Fixed Protected against startup error in IE7 due to performance api missing methods