Pendo Web Agent

Agent 2.143.1

Added Guide runtime can now be used for code blocks in Resource Center announcement guides

Added Global code blocks that can be run for a bulk selection of guides through Agent configuration

Fixed Refactoring to reduce the presence of preview mode special cases in critical code paths

Agent 2.142.1

Added When the debugger is enabled, the Agent now loads an unminified version

Fixed Debugger icons no longer continously render on host application when host uses fontawesome

Fixed Correctly handle overflow styles on the document and body elements for guide positioning

Fixed No longer offset by body scroll position while in browser “quirks mode”

Fixed Correctly render guide step thumbnails while building guides

Agent 2.141.1

Added Debugger can now restore native JS prototypes

Added Option for agent to auto install in all (same-origin) frames and manage visitor identity/metadata in each

Fixed Prevent steps from showing in the wrong app for cross app guides in Adopt

Fixed Resource Center will no longer flicker when Adopt and Engage Resource Centers are present on the same page

Agent 2.140.0

Fixed Permalinked guides will now continue where left off when reloading page

Fixed Navigation mode restores correctly for Adopt Studio

Fixed Preview for badge activated guides will correctly stay in preview mode after load

Fixed Events flush on page hidden when preventUnloadListener is set

Fixed Building block and legacy guides now share common code for overlay

Fixed Keyboard no longer dismisses on ionic app on iOS when trying to type in textarea

Fixed Removed chrome warning about “path” access on event being deprecated

Fixed Advancing guide on last step correctly increments dismissCount

Agent 2.139.0

Fixed addEventProperty accepts false values

Fixed Engage Resource Center badge now shows as expected when Adopt Resource Center badge is showing

Fixed Event property CSS selectors are evaluated against all ancestor elements

Fixed Focus returns to a tooltip’s target element when the ‘esc’ key is used to close it

Fixed Resolved performance issue caused when Resource Center notification bubble is targeted at an element in a shadow DOM