Pendo Web Agent

Agent 2.201.0

Added Send a single recording event with a reason why a recording did not start

Fixed Improve recording performance in cases where elements are added and then immediately re-ordered

Fixed Initialization patterns using the pendo_options global will no longer edit the passed object in place

Agent 2.200.0

Added Guide markdown support for required NPS questions

Fixed Change autofocus error to warning

Fixed Remove duplicate container IDs for resource center announcements

Agent 2.199.1

Added Append historical metadata values to session recording events

Fixed Improve underscore’s detection of non-native DataView


Agent 2.199.0

Added Read session recording keyframe frequency from visitor settings

Added Session recording id now included on initial load event

Added Append unread notification count to Resource Center badge aria label

Fixed Surface guidesFailed event for do-not-process response

Fixed Session recording will not fall back to the main thread by default if the worker cannot be created

Fixed Do not run guide update if guide reload is in progress

Fixed Handle slow loading video iframes to improve experience for visitors

Agent 2.197.1 & 2.198.1

Fixed Guide logic poll branching logic will no longer incorrectly report poll responses