Pendo Web Agent

Agent 2.228.1

Fixed Do not autofocus badge/target element on guide close if the guide has autoFocus turned off

Agent 2.228.0

Added Only allow writing storage keys that are registered

Fixed Allow screen readers to read result count when searching RC guide list modules

Fixed Ensure right caret in RC home view modules are correctly ARIA-labelled

Fixed Session recording web worker fails if host application uses require.js

Agent 2.227.1

Fixed Remove usage of named regex groups in guide logic plugin that caused errors in Internet Explorer

Fixed Rage clicks hang host application if Array.prototype.find is polyfilled incorrectly by host application

Agent 2.227.0

Added Session storage respects allowKeys config alongside local storage/cookies

Fixed Session recording stopped and logged error after changing accountId with updateOptions too early

Fixed Set focus to selected poll response when it is the first/last focusable element in a guide

Fixed Debugger properly handles no guides sorting by display order

Fixed Promoted metadata does not remove old keys from cache

Fixed Clear cross-app cookies correctly when using clearSession

Agent 2.226.1

Added Additional config properties to control cookie TTLs

Fixed Remove memory leak that occurred during rage click handling

Fixed Leaving a browser tab could spike CPU when session replay is enabled and a large number of events had occurred