Pendo Web Agent

Agent 2.138.2

Fixed Target element is now considered visible when body element has no width or height

Fixed Tooltip now follow target when body element is scrollable

Agent 2.138.1

Added Callback for click event captured that allows properties to be added to the event programmatically

Fixed Use pointerdown event when available for element removal click detection (when enabled)

Fixed Do not use URL polling when pushState is available

Fixed Guard against potential undefined reference when attempting to add focus listener to textareas and inputs in guides

Fixed Improved tooltip positioning to better handle unique host application layouts

Agent 2.137.2

Fixed Tooltip caret no longer rendered incorrectly when auto-position tooltip changes from top to right orientation

Agent 2.137.1

Added Support for customizing repeat guide display (Closed Beta)

Fixed Late loaded frames join preview correctly

Fixed Tooltip arrow rendering no longer causes excessive DOM mutations

Agent 2.136.0

Fixed An invalid selector for click/hover activation will no longer prevent other guides from displaying

Fixed Unused postMessage handler removed