Pendo Web Agent

Agent 2.153.2

Fixed Protect against a possible undefined reference error reported in IE11


Fixed “Show Once” badges now hide after the first step has been seen, instead of waiting for all steps to be seen

Fixed Reduced the amount of “flicker” that occurs when guides reload while a guide is shown.

Fixed Permalink guides will now continue to try to show if a target element is not immediately visible

Fixed Improved collection of text content from a guide for guideActivity events


Added Debugger now shows metadata for different application frames

Added Clarify browser vs Pendo disabled cookies settings in the Debugger and validateInstall log

Added Show frame communication type in Debugger

Added Show “not initialized” state in Debugger

Fixed Improve support for metadata key of “length”

Fixed No longer send dismiss/advance/snooze events if the step is already in that state

Fixed Sync validateInstall output with the current visitor and account ids

Agent 2.151.2

Fixed Prevent the feedback “trigger” element from being added twice if the end user’s visitor ID is changed between 2 non-anonymous IDs

Agent 2.151.1

Fixed Remove race condition between frames initializing at nearly the same time