Pendo Web Agent

Agent 2.170.1

Security Block script nodes in building block content (still allowed in code blocks)

Security Preview will now only load guides that are valid for the apiKey of the host application

Agent 2.170.0

Added Default blockClass for session recording

Added Disabled snippet configuration of session recording for beta period

Added Support for server side privacy configuration settings for session recording

Fixed No longer throw an error in getActiveGuide when getResourceCenter returns null

Fixed Updated list for legacy designer allowed files for new location

Fixed Session recording now sends data successfully on page unload in Firefox

Agent 2.169.1

Fixed Lower the log level of Agent warning messages

Agent 2.169.0

Added Text masking defaults for session recording

Fixed Properly display all icons and JSON in the debugger

Agent 2.168.0

Added Default settings for masking inputs with session recording

Fixed Side by side buttons no longer overlap on some browsers when a scrollbar appears in the guide

Fixed No longer register count a visitor as part of a control group for a guide when it is not eligible for display

Fixed Removed race condition in iframe detection that affects the Adopt browser extension