Pendo Web Agent

Agent 2.193.0

Added Show plugin info in validate output

Added Accept session recording privacy configuration from backend

Fixed Fix race condition when guide requests are issued in rapid succession

Agent 2.192.1

Fixed Guides and Resource Center will still display even if host application defines Function.prototype.process

Agent 2.192.0

Added POST-only configuration option for sending data

Added Optionally disable mixed API key iframe support

Added RTL language support for badges

Fixed Excessive delay before auto-displaying a lower priority guide when many auto-display guides are present

Fixed Detect if history API is frozen before patching it

Agent 2.191.0

Added RTL support for Resource Center notification bubble

Fixed Using pendo.track corrects invalid properties argument

Fixed Announcement notification bubble no longer appears on wrong Resource Center badge in some Adopt scenarios

Agent 2.190.0

Added Configuration option to specify preferred leader apiKey (leaderKey) for multi-key iframe installations

Added Use leaderKey setting for auto-display order when appAutoOrdering is not specified

Added Resource Center home view transition direction for RTL language support

Fixed Show Resource Center badge once per unique apiKey

Fixed Set default parameter for isAnonymousVisitor

Fixed Prevent syncing iframe identity when apiKeys do not match