Agent/SDK Updates

Agent 2.126.0

Added Location API now supports electron URLs

Fixed Issues with horizontal alignment of open text polls fixed

Fixed placeBBTooltip now supports second container element argument for Adopt Studio

Fixed Console error in Safari for iframe installations now only gets logged once

Fixed Videos and images now correctly resize on zoom

Agent 2.125.0

Fixed Element targeted resource center no longer jumps back and forth when zoomed

Fixed Pendo instance installed through browser extension no longer flagged as self-hosted

Fixed Fix detached image reference now cleaned up after sending data

Agent 2.124.1

Fixed Standards-based Promise polyfill no longer used in older versions of Internet Explorer

Fixed Tooltips scroll with target element correctly when document body is positioned and has disabled scrolling

Agent 2.123.1

Fixed False guide timeouts now prevented when walkthrough continues into another frame

Fixed Track events no longer send without an event name

Fixed Horizontal scrollbars no longer appear when open text poll is displayed and the browser is zoomed

Fixed DOM thrashing no longer occurs when a guide backdrop is displayed while scrolling

Fixed Extra whitespace removed from resource center list after resizing or zooming

Fixed Error no longer occurs when trying to find a target element in a host application that has extended the Object prototype