Agent/SDK Updates

iOS SDK 3.1.0

Added Support for SwiftUI new navigation APIs

Added Support for SwiftUI on iOS 17

Fixed Calling pauseGuides API immediately after startSession didn’t pause guides


Agent 2.218.0

Added Show guide throttling countdown in debugger v2

Added Show full step eligibility when viewing a guide in debugger v2

Fixed Address race condition in auto display that could break throttling

Fixed Improve performance when setTimeout triggers change detection loop in angular applications

Fixed Session recording now captures CSS correctly on sites using prototype.js library

Agent 2.217.1

Fixed No longer start duplicate session recordings if pendo.js is included more than once in page

Agent 2.217.0

Added Config options to disable intercepts for preventDefault and stopPropagation

Added Plugin to collect “rage clicks”

Added Show events from all frames in debugger v2

Fixed No longer cause Chrome to crash when exiting preview mode for Pendo Launcher installs

Fixed Address error in step eligibility alert display

Fixed Improve performance in session recording for certain types of mutations

Fixed Session recording no longer fails to start in apps that have non-standard fetch overrides

Agent 2.215.1 & 2.216.1

Fixed Properly detect if CSP blocks the session recording web worker in Firefox to prevent event loss