Agent/SDK Updates

iOS SDK 2.22.5

Fixed Fixed issue causing intermittent crashes when connected to CarPlay.

Fixed Fixed crashes related to specific use cases with our setVisitorData and setAccountData public APIs.

Agent 2.204.1

Fixed Ensure all modules can correctly re-initialize after calling pendo.teardown

Fixed Improve session recording performance when nodes are re-ordered immediately after insertion into the DOM

Agent 2.204.0

Added Support for recording sessions with cross-origin iframes

Added Session recording worker can be self hosted by hosting the file and setting recording.workerUrl

Added Public method pendo.teardown stop the agent completely

Fixed Feedback plugin will now pass default email when is set to empty string

Fixed Add inline style tags for guides to the document head instead of in the guide div

Android SDK 2.22.5

Changed Made the logs less verbose for non-errors that previously were marked as errors.

Fixed Created error handling for a native problem where the CompoundButton triggers a crash.

Added Added a flag to disable back capture, this was causing, in some situations, the keyboard to not close automatically.

Agent 2.203.0

Added Start a new recording session after 30 minutes of inactivity

Fixed Assign unique DOM ids to guide buttons in guide list and onboarding modules