Agent/SDK Updates

Agent 2.145.0

Added Restructure Feedback code to prepare it to be delivered only when enabled

Added Added browser storage API to guide runtime

Fixed Origin checks for development urls when loading Visual Design Studio

Fixed Improved data compression estimates for more efficient packing of POST requests

iOS SDK 2.16.1

Fixed Guide can’t be dismissed if it is activated while keyboard is open

Fixed “unhandled exception” due to wrong format for accountData or visitorData. Now, when using the wrong format, logs will alert it

Fixed When multiple UIWindow in the app, Pendo sometimes captured the wrong one

Agent 2.144.0

Fixed Correctly send destination step ID for advance events

Fixed Send data more efficiently when using POST requests for large events

Agent 2.143.1

Added Guide runtime can now be used for code blocks in Resource Center announcement guides

Added Global code blocks that can be run for a bulk selection of guides through Agent configuration

Fixed Refactoring to reduce the presence of preview mode special cases in critical code paths

Agent 2.142.1

Added When the debugger is enabled, the Agent now loads an unminified version

Fixed Debugger icons no longer continously render on host application when host uses fontawesome

Fixed Correctly handle overflow styles on the document and body elements for guide positioning

Fixed No longer offset by body scroll position while in browser “quirks mode”

Fixed Correctly render guide step thumbnails while building guides