Agent/SDK Updates

Android SDK 3.2.1

Fixed Address a rare edge case that could lead to a deadlock in the main thread during the “startSession” API call

iOS SDK 3.2.1

Fixed Crash on pairing mode

Fixed Crash when scanning SwiftUI pages by handling nil object casts

Fixed Improved performance on SwiftUI page scans

Fixed Improved window targeting when capturing a page

Agent 2.230.0

Removed Deprecate old slide-out agent debugger

Added Staging agent loads from CDN when possible

Added Focus resource center launcher element after completing a guide

Fixed Adopt end-user preview mode

Agent 2.229.2

Fixed Change “key not registered” log message from error to warning

Fixed Remove log message for parentTabId not registered

Agent 2.228.2 & 2.229.1

Fixed Session recoding id was not written to sessionStorage resulting in many short recordings for multi-page apps