Agent/SDK Updates

Android SDK 2.15.1

Added Added tooltip accessibility

Added Improved RxJava error handling

iOS SDK 2.15.0

Added Warning for deprecated APIs read more

Added Improved analytics for clickable elements with images by using the image name in the feature rule

Fixed Texture framework that collided with Pendo SDK

Fixed Issues with guide margins



Android SDK 2.15.0

Changed In order to align with Google Play Store Guidelines  Android_ID has been removed as a device identifier and replaced with UUID

Added Warning for deprecated APIs read more

Fixed GIF images in Guides now adhere to the GIF’s recurrence settings and are not shown in a continuous loop

Fixed Timestamp calculation of the last event sent from app



Agent 2.127.0

Fixed Horizontal alignment of number scale polls no longer impacted by bug

Fixed Input focus no longer ignores resize

Fixed Click event now captured when element is removed during mouseup

Fixed Throttling now disabled when previewing a guide