Agent/SDK Updates


Fixed A missing feature for a tooltip in a multi-step guide would prevent other guides from being displayed

Fixed When guides have the same activation, the guide with the higher ordering rank will be displayed instead of both showing one on top of the other (the second guide will appear the next time the activation criteria is met)

Agent 2.84.3

Fixed Resolved issue with click event collection when host application uses Mootools

Agent 2.84.2

Added Guide version information is now included with Guide event data

Added Support for “guideNotSeen” events

Fixed Removed requirement for unsafe-inline in style-src CSP rules

Android SDK

Added Accessibility for lightbox guides is fully working (this was tested with the ‘TalkBack’ screen reader)

Agent 2.83.2

Added Training partners now send Account ID in query parameter

Fixed Fixed issue that caused tooltips to flicker when a second matching element is added to the page

Fixed Fixed issue that dropped queued events when JWT is used and the page unloads

Fixed ValidateInstall works in situations where the console functions are not available

Fixed Fixed ‘synchronous XHR in page dismissal’ error that was stressing error logs

Fixed Fixed order of execution of Guide Center badge event handlers that affected some customized Guide Centers

Fixed Fixed console error that occurred if is a string when stopPropagation is called on an event