Agent/SDK Updates

Agent 2.151.2

Fixed Prevent the feedback “trigger” element from being added twice if the end user’s visitor ID is changed between 2 non-anonymous IDs

Agent 2.151.1

Fixed Remove race condition between frames initializing at nearly the same time

Agent 2.150.1

Fixed Auto display guide will no longer interrupt a walkthrough if the next step cannot be displayed immediately

Agent 2.150.0

Added Reworked text capture so that it can be delivered as an optional plugin in the future (i.e. still included by default for now)

Fixed No longer log erroneous guide display errors after guide list changes

Fixed Restore correct positioning of legacy tooltips in certain application setups

Fixed Throttling now correctly applied to next guide when first step is continued and the 10 second cache is expired

Fixed Autoscroll to tooltip now works when scroll parent uses scroll-behavior:smooth CSS rule

Xamarin Forms 2.17.1

Fixed Prevent a crash when a page is called this way await Navigation.PushModalAsync(new NavigationPage(new LoginPage(email, _appOptions)));