Agent/SDK Updates

Android SDK 2.21.1

Fixed Google’s certificate transparency used by Pendo SDKs and Plugins will stop later this year. This is a mandatory update for any Android app. Use this version to make sure your Android app can keep working with Pendo

Fixed indexOutOfBounds crash relaying to ViewTreeObserver UI element

Agent 2.183.0

Added Additional launch method support for Visual Design Studio sidebar mode

Fixed Upgraded internal underscore library to 1.13.6

Fixed No longer use go-to-step when a code block passes a step to onGuideAdvanced

Fixed Fixed incorrect hiding of legacy guide center in certain customized scenarios

Fixed Fixed various console errors affecting customized legacy guide centers

Fixed API activated guides could not be previewed when preview was launched from Visual Design Studio

Agent 2.182.1

Added Additional support to trust new Pendo hostnames

Agent 2.182.0

Added Drift native integration for Resource Center

Added Support for Visual Design Studio sidebar mode

Fixed Now able to preview scheduled/expired guides

Fixed Moved license comments to Agent documentation site from agent source

Fixed Only run Resource Center sandbox module code one time when launched through API