Android SDK 2.17.0

Changed android-release and androidx-release repositories will now support only AndroidX. android-support SDK will be in android-legacy repository

Changed targetSdkVersion is now 31. Add android:exported="true" to the PendoGateActivity in AndroidManifest.

Added Support for RadSlideView control for Xamarin.Forms

Added Enhance feature identification for React Native apps

Added New API sendClickAnalytic allows tagging any feature on a page. Should be used when Pendo doesn’t automatically identify a feature in your app – Now available for React Native apps

Added New API screenContentChanged to re-scan all features on the page, to support identifying features that are loaded dynamically

Added New API setDebugMode enables debug logs. Logs are disabled by default

Added Control image border and radius

Added Support for React Native 0.68 and 0.69. When upgrading to any of these versions, make sure to update pages you’ve already tagged.

Fixed Accessibility bugs with images in guides

Fixed Improved page identification when using drawers

Fixed Using Camelcase for properties to personalize a guide result in property not appearing in the guide

Fixed User could tag features that weren’t visible on the screen