Eng Blog Author: Allan McNaughton

Get Going at GopherCon

The Go community is growing by leaps and bounds: a fact borne out by the 2017 TIOBE programming language popularity index, which shows Go moving up to tenth place from last year’s 55th place.

Further proof of Go’s rapid ascent was evident to those who attended the recent GopherCon in Denver, CO. Imagine hanging out with 1,500 of your fellow Gophers, many of whom traveled great distances to learn from the Go experts and each other.

The Pendo backend engineering team attended this year’s event in force. We love Go and use it to process hundreds of millions of data points a day, along with querying and summarizing that data in innumerable ways. Pendo is a 100% Go shop on the backend, no legacy code (we’ve been using Go since version 1.2). In addition to learning the latest Go tips and tricks, the team pitched in to help our recruiting manager answer questions about Pendo and our backend development opportunities.