Eng Blog Author: Brec Carson

Why We Built Pendo Reports for Confluence

At Pendo, the product and engineering teams use Confluence for almost all knowledge sharing.

An idea might start in a meeting or Slack thread but it’s not canon until we’ve captured and shared it in a Confluence doc. It’s the cauldron where data from a variety of sources get mixed into the message—the purpose—of what we’re doing next. One of the most-shared data sources in Confluence is Pendo itself (as you might expect from a tool that provides product insights). Almost hourly, our product managers copied and pasted rows from reports or charts from our web app’s UI to help describe the point of a doc. When we approached the team about an Atlassian product integration, the choice was obvious; it should be Confluence.

Once we decided to build the integration, many questions remained. What should we build? Where should we begin? What is the steel thread to build first to get this party started? The integration build took a few unexpected turns. Here’s a bit of that journey.