Eng Blog Author: David Rogers

Welcome to the new Pendo Developers!

The Pendo Developers site has a new look and lots more content! Of course, this is still the place to get updates on Pendo’s customer-facing mobile SDKs and browser agent updates, but stick around and check out some of our new posts from Engineering on how and why Pendo works the way it does. We’ve also added API documentation on integrating Pendo with your application and how Pendo interacts with applications out of the box.

Exercising Our Bias To HACK

At the end of last quarter, the engineering team celebrated a really stupendous year for Pendo by hosting our first company hackathon: Bias To HACK.

It wasn’t your typical hackathon. No one locked us in the office with an endless supply of caffeine and pizza, like some code-fueled middle school lock-in. We didn’t stay up past midnight desperately cobbling together some half-baked demos and clever API mashups to show off our 1337 h4xx0r 5ki1z to one another. And we weren’t spending our time “cracking codes” to breach the Pentagon or something only Hollywood could misrepresent.

We did build some surprising new tools and features as a team and had a lot of fun doing it. And there might have been some pizza in there somewhere. And t-shirts, of course.