Eng Blog Author: George Palfreyman

How Pendo Maintains a Culture of Quality with Cypress

I recently had the opportunity to take part in a case study for Cypress on behalf of Pendo to talk about our quality culture and how using Cypress helped us with our testing and releases. Cypress had seen the progression we had made over the past year and were keen for us to discuss our experience in the form of a webcast.

I sat down with Cypress’ Distinguished Engineer, Gleb Bahmutov, to talk about how Pendo utilised Cypress to rebuild the automated test suite for our Guides product. We discussed common issues that can arise when building automation frameworks such as flaky tests, identifying elements inconsistently, and using explicit waits in tests. We then discussed how we avoided these by following best practices set by Cypress such as using data attributes, adding test retries, and waiting on aliases. We then go into detail on how this helped us to create a stable foundation for automated Sanity and Regression test suites. We also talked about how we added integrations to support further reporting and maintenance processes.

Watch the recording to learn about Pendo Guides, Cypress best practices, and usage of key features from Cypress such as Test Retries.Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter if you have any questions, or you can find additional questions and answers linked in the Cypress blog here.