Pendo Mobile SDK

Android for Xamarin apps

Fixed Since we’ve discovered an issue with ‘Modify Text’ guides on certain Xamarin apps, we’ve added an initSDK flag allowing to disable ‘Modify Text’ guides from operating, for Xamarin apps. If you have a Xamarin app and want to turn on this flag, contact [email protected] for more details


Changed Internal implementation of listening to screen view and tap events was changed due to a PSPDFKit library conflict. There should be no effect on the SDK’s functionality. We recommend upgrading to this SDK if you use the PSPDFKit library in your app.

Fixed A bug was fixed relating to throttling per session which was not respected when used along with appearance delay.


Fixed Push Notifications bug fix – push did not work for specific devices due to a race condition in sending the device ID to our servers

Android SDK

Fixed SDK changed to use an updated certificate file. Note that the certificate file used in all previous SDK versions will expire by May 2019.
This means so any customer using an older version of the SDK should upgrade to this SDK or newer.

Fixed Analytics related fixes in setVisitor API when switching to another user after initSDK.