Pendo Web Agent

Version 1.16.0

Changed Support for options to show the launcher in situations where it would not previously show (e.g. mobile devices & iframes). This update is in preparation for a forthcoming Pendo app release, the agent update does not add any additional functionality.

Version 1.15.9

Fixed Events from SVG items are now collecting properly in IE 11

Version 1.15.8

Changed Additional updates to the customization capabilities  of the guide launcher – including support for onboarding checklist / progress notifications

Version 1.15.7

Fixed Element visibility is now properly determined in areas that specify overflow-x: hidden or overflow-y: hidden

Version 1.15.3

Added Now guides can be targeted at SVG elements within an application (for IE9+, and other compliant browsers)

Changed Pendo loads the agent over https by default now, and will only load over http if the protocol is specifically “http”

Changed The agent now filters invalid metadata options on the client to reduce size of metadata events sent to the server

Fixed An error condition on wrapped web applications deployed to Android devices could cause many metadata events could be sent while the application is in the background