Pendo Web Agent

Version 1.7.1

Changed Changes to the search mechanism in Launcher. Specifically, search results will be ranked so that matches on Search Keywords will come up first, then matches on guide name, then finally matches on guide content

Changed Ability to have a tooltip badge show only once

Version 1.6.1

Added Expanded mobile functionality – specifically, the ability to create mobile versions of both Tooltip and Lightbox guides

Version 1.5.5

Changed Expanding the ability to template guides by including variables from your metadata in the guides.

Changed Additional support for products that have iframes, especially around using the in-app experience for tagging features and creating guides.

Changed Only show tooltip guides in Pendo Launcher if that element it is attached to is currently visible in the DOM.

Changed At time of guides request (call to guides.js), include current metadata to ensure most up to date guides decisions.


Version 1.5.0

Changed Support for global CSS customization

Changed Additional css classes to support the above

Changed Support for specifying the order of guides in the Launcher

Changed Support for hover to advance a multi-state guide

Changed Bug fixes related to race conditions on page change with walkthroughs

Chrome Plugin for Release Candidates

As we have discussed in this blog previously, we release a release candidate for all agent changes (with the exception of urgent bug fixes).  You can use this release candidate by having your development or staging servers refer to the release candidate version of the agent ( instead of the production version.

In addition, we now have a chrome plugin which can make it even easier to test with the release candidate.  Using the Chrome plugin, you can access your production site (or any other site that has the Pendo production agent), and the plugin will automatically swap out the production agent with the release candidate agent, allowing you to test your production guides easily.  The plugin is found here: