iOS SDK for Xamarin Apps

Due to the addition of account metadata support in this SDK, our installation instructions have slightly changed. Please use these instructions for SDK 52.

Added Setting account metadata from your mobile app: it is now possible to send, alongside the key-value pairs of user data, also key-value pairs of account data. Please refer to the installation instructions for more details.

Added Tag gestures support in tagging – some apps implement buttons via tap gestures. If your app has such implementation, this SDK allows you to tag such buttons and trigger guides based on their clicks.

Changed Added support for guide presentation in iPhone X and any iOS device with a “notch”: guides will not use the “Safe areas” of the device.

Changed Our internal implementation of listening to screen view and tap events was changed due to a PSPDFKit library conflict. There should be no effect on the SDK’s functionality. We recommend upgrading to this SDK if you use the PSPDFKit library in your app.

Fixed When the app sets a visitor ID with the SDK and then switches to a different visitor ID after login, the new user metadata is now successfully set for the latter visitor.