iOS SDK 2.22.0

Added support for new track events properties guide activation

Changed Upgraded Library: library was updated to version 4.6.2

Changed Since Apple deprecated bitcode since Xcode 14, we disabled bitcode when building the SDK as well to prevent situations where Appstore rejects apps

Fixed new iOS 14 clickable elements API that were not recognized by the SDK

Fixed an issue with some clickable elements that were not recognized, hence could not be tagged

Fixed an issue where next steps guides ignores the actual location

Fixed an issue with the window level when going into full screen in youtube players inside guides

Fixed an issue where wrong usage of our API could lead to guides not displaying

Guides accessibility

Added the ability to swipe between pages in carousel when VoiceOver is activated using 3 fingers

Added support for ARIA Label – users can now set a custom ARIA label for each page inside their guides. all kind of guides are supported.

Changed Number Scale Poll guides constraint labels are clearly indicated by the accessibility service.

Changed SDK will now read the correct accessibility traits for headers