Welcome to the Pendo Platform Developer Announcements blog

It’s a new year, and with the new year, comes a couple changes from Pendo.   Starting immediately, we are going to start pre-announcing any changes to the pendo “agent” – the js library that you load into your application that runs all of Pendo.  These announcements will happen on this blog, so we highly recommend someone from your team signs up for email alerts (see the box on the right) or the RSS feed for this blog.

When we are ready with a new agent change, we will announce it here, and release a release candidate version.  You can use that release candidate version to test things out on your end.  Note -we have every intention of making our agents fully backwards compatible, and we of course do thorough testing before we release, but we wanted to give our customers the chance to do testing on their side as well if they so wish.

The most recent release candidate will always be found here: https://d3accju1t3mngt.cloudfront.net/js/rc-pa.min.js. You may want to use the release candidate in your internal/test instances of your product as a general practice.

Here is a support article stating the supported API for the agent.

When we announce a new release candidate, we will give a minimum of 2 days before pushing out the new version everywhere (except in cases where there is a critical bug that needs to be fixed immediately).  If you see any issues with the release candidate, please notify us immediately at [email protected]..

Testing with the release candidate on your end is completely optional.  When we push out new versions, you should not need to make any changes on your end.  For those customers that want more thorough testing on their own end though, they now have that ability.