Agent/SDK Updates

Android SDK

Fixed Improvements for when the SDK is initialized from an Activity rather than from the Application object.

Agent version 2.17.5

Added If two or more guides are targeted to the same element, but the first guide cannot be shown because the user is ineligible, attempt to render subsequent guides

Added Honor the disablePersistence agent flag

Fixed Tooltips should now once again render in a timely manner for IE7 and IE8

Fixed Watermarks for guides created inside VIA for Marketo no longer cover the caret of a tooltip

Fixed Ensure steps with badges do not disappear when the badge is hovered while in the designer

Fixed Ensure the Resource Center renders in the topmost Pendo-enabled frame, even if that frame is not the top window

Fixed Resource Center should now include guides from inner frames

Fixed Tooltips created in Visual Designer should now correctly scroll the tooltip fully into view, rather than only partly into view

Android for Xamarin apps

Fixed Since we’ve discovered an issue with ‘Modify Text’ guides on certain Xamarin apps, we’ve added an initSDK flag allowing to disable ‘Modify Text’ guides from operating, for Xamarin apps. If you have a Xamarin app and want to turn on this flag, contact [email protected] for more details

Agent 2.17.2

Fixed Ensure staging resource center always takes display priority over any public resource center when in a staging environment

Fixed Ensure large images (or images on slow-loading networks) still respect their horizontal alignment after load for guides created in the visual design studio

Agent 2.17.1

Fixed No more “stuck” tooltips when a user hovers rapidly between multiple elements.

Fixed Customers launching Visual Design Studio with the keyboard shortcut will now always launch into the correct resource center.

Fixed Transitions between modules in the resource center should no longer fail in IE11 and below.