Agent/SDK Updates

Agent 2.45.2

This update contains a single bugfix, but it’s a good one for our friends who use iframes.

Fixed When using the designer on an application with iframes, if an iframe does a full reload (but is not destroyed), ensure that it is re-registered with the designer when it loads again

Agent 2.45.1

Added We now capture collection time with all event properties

Added Clicking a step’s badge dismisses the step instead of advancing a step

Added We now support capturing the “nearest” element based on a relative selector

Fixed Stop sending document title with page load

Fixed In apps with iframes, opening multiple browser tabs could corrupt the guide state and lead to re-displays of dismissed guides…but not anymore

Fixed We found and fixed a nasty race condition that (very) occasionally prevented guides from auto-displaying in apps with iframes

Android SDK

Fixed Fixed a bug relating to Visitor Id, visitor data or track event data sent in Multilingual (non-alphanumeric) character set.

Fixed Stability issues

Added Better tracking and logging of edge scenarios