Agent/SDK Updates


Fixed Bug fixes – in scenarios in which the SDK is told by the server to not operate in reply to an init request.

Agent version 2.15.13

Changed This release deprecates release 2.15.12

Fixed Temporarily disables the new guide designer (beta) launch keyboard shortcut, which was causing issues for some users

Agent Version 2.15.12

These changes are only available for Agent 2.x

Changed Agent version 2.15.12 has been deprecated by release 2.15.13

Added This release includes rendering for the “home view” and “guide list module” of the guide center for the new guide designer (beta). This includes dynamic lists of guides, as well as animated transitions between views.

Fixed Prevent guide designer (beta) from auto-launching when the user is navigating their app


Agent Version 2.15.11

These changes are only available for Agent 2.x

Added New launch mechanism! When using a query parameter doesn’t work, there is now a fallback option

Fixed Fixed CNAME host mapping, allowing CNAME customers to launch the designer

Fixed Swapped guideId for stepId for code block css

Agent version 2.15.10

These changes are only available for Agent 2.x

Added Better support for Agent extensions and nested frames in visual design studio

Fixed Trigger guide events earlier to facilitate customizations