Agent/SDK Updates

Android SDK

Due to the addition of account metadata support in this SDK, our installation instructions have slightly changed. Please use these instructions for SDK 52.

Added Setting account metadata from your mobile app: it is now possible to send, alongside the key-value pairs of user data, also key-value pairs of account data. Please refer to the installation instructions for more details.

Changed Libraries updates (Picasso, RXjava2, Retrofit and more).

Changed SetVisitor API was changed to SwitchVisitor (see the integration instructions)

Fixed Bug fixes.

Agent version 2.15.15

These changes are only available for Agent 2.x

Added Agent now able to handle potential failure when parsing guide state cookie

Agent version 2.15.14

These changes are only available for Agent 2.x

Added Append classname (vs overwrite) for new guide designer badge elements

Added New guide designer tooltips correctly inherit z-index

Added hover activated badge tooltips in new guide designer stay open when the guide is hovered

Added Agent can render the resource center onboarding module

Added respect agent flag for disabling new guide designer keyboard shortcut & modify launch flow to fail if no local storage token

Added send language field with guide events

Fixed fix race condition when parsing the url’s query string

Fixed fix security errors spammed to console when 3rd party cookies are disabled for sites with iframes

Fixed Prevent blockout ui calculations from running every 500ms

Fixed Prevent top area of blockout backdrop from calcing its height as negative

Fixed indexOf errors spamming the console in IE11

Fixed Modules in the help center home view only display if they have content

Fixed Fix new guide designer tooltips not moving correctly on the page

Fixed Fixing flicker of new guide designer guides on badge hover

Fixed Fix new guide designer guide height changing as embedded images finish loading

Fixed Fix flickering for hover-activated new guide designer badges


Fixed Bug fixes – in scenarios in which the SDK is told by the server to not operate in reply to an init request.

Agent version 2.15.13

Changed This release deprecates release 2.15.12

Fixed Temporarily disables the new guide designer (beta) launch keyboard shortcut, which was causing issues for some users